5 reasons to drink more green tea

We all know green tea is good for us, but there’s so much more to this cuppa than meets the eye.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should be reaching for another cup.

First off, what is green tea?

Green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, the same plant as black tea. The difference is green tea is made from unfermented leaves that are minimally processed. This results in a cuppa that has a higher concentration of nutrients and antioxidants, which is less oxidised than black tea.


Benefit 1 - Weight loss

Green tea’s weight loss properties are well documented in scientific studies, including significant reductions in body mass index, weight and waist circumference. It’s thought the results are a combination of catechin polyphenols (a powerful antioxidant) and caffeine, which work to speed up the metabolism.


Benefit 2 - A boost of energy

Just like coffee, green tea contains caffeine, which gives you that feel-good boost to get you through the day. However, green tea also contains a little something extra - L-theanine. This amino acid has been shown to help support brain health and lower anxiety, which is perfect for de-stressing before that afternoon meeting!


Benefit 3 - Reduced risk of cancer

Green tea has been shown to slow or completely prevent cancer development in colon, liver, breast and prostate cells, according to laboratory studies by the National Cancer Institute. Once again, it’s the powerful antioxidants in green tea that have been shown to kill cancerous cells and decrease tumour growth in laboratory and animal studies.


Benefit 4 - Keep blood sugar in check

If you struggle with blood sugar problems, green tea is a natural and cost-effective solution, as it has been shown to reduce the spike in blood sugar that occurs after eating starches. Some studies have also shown green tea drinkers have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those who did not drink tea.


Benefit 5 - Glowing skin

Green tea has been shown to have promising benefits for those who suffer from inflammatory skin diseases, like psoriasis and dandruff. The green tea helps to regulate cells’ life cycles, reducing the patches of dry, red, flaky skin caused by the overproduction of skin cells. It’s also full of antioxidants and nutrients to nourish your body, allowing you to grow healthy skin.

How to drink green tea

To get the most out of your green tea, we recommend:

  • Organic sencha loose-leaf tea - tea bags are bleached and can interfere with the health benefits

  • Bring water to boil, then let rest for 5-10 minutes before pouring over tea, this way your tea will retain its high antioxidant content. Pour water over the tea and brew for about 1-2 minutes before serving. Take the tea leaves out when your tea is a nice golden brown colour,  this avoids the tea becoming too bitter.

  • Drink 3-5 cups per day to receive full health benefits

  • Enjoy!

Are you looking for more support?

Click here to download our free guide containing information on how natural health can help support your cancer treatment.

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