12 foods our Naturopaths won’t eat

We all know the sorts of foods we should be eating – fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains.

But do you know the foods you should avoid if you want the best digestive health?

Our Naturopaths have each listed the top three foods they won’t eat – and you might be surprised by a few!


Peter Mullen

Foods containing artificial colours and flavours – these are synthetic chemical mixtures that are used to enhance the colour, flavour or texture of food. You can identify them by the range of numbers listed on the back of a packet. I avoid these additives as they can cause adverse reactions in some people, including digestive disorders, nervous reactions, respiratory problems and skin conditions.

Genetically modified foods – Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, are foods that have been created in a laboratory from DNA that has been altered in some way. For example, about 90 per cent of the corn grown in the US has been genetically modified to tolerate various herbicides. So what’s not to like? GM crops have not been shown to be safe to eat, they increase the use of pesticides, and their use is causing unpredictable side effects on the environment.

Tuna – while fish is an important source of lean protein and omega 3s, you may not realise that you could be risking mercury poisoning. Pollution releases mercury into the air, and as it accumulates in the ocean, fish absorb it from the water and their mercury stores build up. Bigger fish tend to have a higher level of mercury, which you then absorb when you eat it. Other fish to avoid include shark, swordfish, barramundi, gemfish and ling. You’re much better off eating smaller fish like salmon, snapper, trout, whitefish, mullet, anchovies, sardines and shellfish.


Kirsty Bednar

Deep fried foods – there are so many reasons to avoid fried foods, the most obvious of which is the calories added from frying. But you might not be aware that the bigger problem is actually what the food is fried in. Most restaurants use hydrogenated vegetable oils, which are unstable, contain trans fats, and are damaging to our cells when heated.

High fructose corn syrup – this devil hides in so many foods that you wouldn’t expect, but it pays to be vigilant while checking out the ingredient label. HFCS is a sweetener made from genetically modified corn starch, and has been linked to metabolic diseases like obesity and diabetes.

White flour products – white bread, pasta, crackers and cereal have been so processed that they contain no real nutritional benefits, but are so easy to overeat.


David Marston

Bread – another reason to avoid bread is gluten, a protein composite found in wheat and related grains. Gluten intolerance and sensitivity is becoming more prevalent today, as more and more people find that gluten causes problems with their digestive and bowel health.

Pork – while pork is arguably a healthy meat from a biochemical perspective, I avoid it for several reasons. Most industrially-raised pork is full of pathogenic bacteria that causes digestive issues, as well as other chemicals and hormones.

Cow’s Milk – people with digestive complains (as well as those with allergies and sinus problems) will often notice a significant improvement when they avoid dairy. A dairy allergy or intolerance can cause significant digestive discomfort, and can even increase mucus and congestion in your sinus cavity and lungs.


Kate Williams

Farmed seafood – You may think you’re doing the right thing by eating more fish – it’s a great source of lean, high-quality protein. But you need to pay particular attention to where your fish is coming from, especially if it’s from overseas. Farmed fish are similar to chickens, in that they are fed antibiotics to keep them healthy, they eat a poor diet of fishmeal (smaller fish, mixed with soybeans, grains and corn), and they lack the nutritional benefits that you sought when eating fish in the first place.

Soft Drinks – I avoid soft drinks like Coca Cola due to their high sugar content (see High Fructose Corn Syrup above) and high levels of acidity, which is terrible for your teeth. Sugar free drinks contain the same acids, as do sports drinks.

Fast food  – chains like McDonalds, KFC and Burger King serve up a concoction of additives, preservatives, HFCS and bad fats that are best avoided! 

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