4 tips for healthier thyroid

Your thyroid affects so many aspects of your overall health, from your weight to the way you feel. So it is important to make sure that it is functioning well.

If you believe you have an overactive or underactive thyroid, the first step is to determine the cause. You can get familiar with each of these conditions in our comprehensive reports here and here.

But today I want to share with you some basic steps that everyone can take to improve the function of their thyroid.

1. Take supplements – there are several essential nutrients for thyroid function that many people just don’t get enough of. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Iodine
  • Tyrosine
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron / Ferritin (stored iron)

One of the most effective ways to correct these deficiencies is to take supplements, as correcting low thyroid function through diet alone is almost impossible. Our Naturopaths specialise in determining what your specific needs are so that you can be prescribed the right supplements and herbal medicines for you. Remember, overactive and underactive thyroid conditions need different treatment, so it is important to seek advice.

2. Address your stress – stress and adrenal fatigue directly impact the health of your thyroid, which you can read more about in our previous blog. Three quick tips for helping reduce adrenal fatigue are to:

  • Increase your intake of vitamins B6, B5, C and Zinc.
  • Get to bed early and sleep for a minimum of eight hours. Your adrenals repair and recover between the hours of 9pm and 1am.
  • Work on recognising your stress triggers and developing strategies for either preventing these or dealing with them in a more mindful way.

3. Sort out your diet – the food you eat can help to improve your thyroid function. There are a few simple rules to follow for good thyroid health:

  • Avoid gluten and dairy (casein protein)
  • Eliminate refined foods – sugar places extra stress on your adrenals and thyroid
  • Eliminate stimulants like caffeine
  • Eat regularly to ensure healthy blood sugar levels
  • Increase your protein intake, and ensure you have a good balance of protein to complex carbohydrates, as well as good fats
  • Increase intake of seaweed, coconut oil, brazil nuts, seeds, carrots and sweet potatoes

4. Exercise – exercising increases the output of thyroid hormones as well as causing tissue to be more sensitive to thyroid hormones. In other words, it works! Aerobic exercise is the best type for hypothyroidism as it gets the heart pumping, burns calories and elevates your mood. Aim for 30 mins, 4 to 5 times a week. We recommend swimming as a great low-impact aerobic exercise.

If you suspect you may have an overactive or underactive thyroid, call the Centre on (02) 4961 4075 to book a FREE 15-minute chat. 

I look forward to hearing from you,


Do you want to find out how natural health can help treat your thyroid condition and discover some of the super foods to eat and diet principles to follow to help balance your immune system? 

Click here to access our free guide - Natural Remedies for Thyroid Health.

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