Are you wasting your money?

Are you wasting your money on supermarket vitamins?

A question I’m often asked is: “Why can’t I just buy the same supplements at a health food store or the supermarket where it’s cheaper?”

The answer is simple: not all natural medicines are created equal.

Well it’s a little bit more complicated then that, but let me explain.

The ingredients:
Naturopathic supplements contain the highest-quality ingredients, while supermarket supplements often contain low-grade, cheap alternatives.
For example:the multi-vitamin Centrum contains the least absorbable form of calcium, calcium carbonate. Whereas our naturopathic supplement Calcitite from Metagenics contains calcium hydroxyapatite, which is a highly-absorbable form of calcium and the most similar to human bone.

The extras:
It’s unfortunate that with a lot of supermarket supplements, you can’t be sure of the hidden extras you may ingest in the form of toxins and unnecessary additives. We only stock naturopathic supplements from companies that can assure us of the quality of their excipients and fillers. Our products are also quality assured, meaning the freshness of the supplement is guaranteed – it hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for months like supermarket vitamins.

The dosage:
The dosages of naturopathic supplements have been clinically tested to produce therapeutic results – they are stronger, meaning you will need less of them to get the desired benefits. Have you ever looked on the back of a supermarket vitamin container to see that the recommended dosage is 6 tablets a day to get the proper effects? No thank you!

The advice:
There is one more benefit to buying naturopathic supplements, and that is the advice that you will get from your practitioner. We know whether a product is right for you, how much you should be taking to get results, and whether or not it will interfere with your current medications. We’ll also monitor the effects over time and make recommendations as you go to ensure that you’re always getting the vitamins and minerals you need.

That’s what we’re here for, so please, let us help you get the right supplements for YOU! Don’t waste your money on supermarket supplements that aren’t effective.

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