Easy Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Sometimes it can be hard to muddle through all the information out there about losing weight.

Our Naturopaths have more than 50 years experience combined, so we thought we would compile their top tips for losing weight for life! 

Peter Mullen's Top 3 Tips:

  1. Practice mindfulness – chewing well and eating slowly helps you become more conscious about both what you’re choosing to eat and why. It also helps you to recognise when you’re full.
  2. Never eat on two feet – taking the time to sit down and eat a proper meal at the table will help you avoid unconsciously overeating.
  3. Size matters – portion size has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Try eating your meal off a smaller plate, and make sure to fill at least two-thirds of your plate with salad or vegetables.


David Marston's Top 3 Tips:

  1. Make sure most of your meals contain protein, which increases fat burning and speeds up your metabolism. This can include meats, fish, eggs, chicken, nuts, seeds and legumes.
  2. Don’t drink with meals. Only drink 30 minutes before a meal and 30 minutes after a meal. 
  3. Stay off the scales. They don’t show how much fat you have lost. Your best marker is your clothes and how loose they have become. Scales and weight are not a good motivator and can cause you to become stressed about your weight.


Kate Williams Top 3 Tips:

      1. Meal prep -  being hungry without healthy food already prepared is one of the fastest ways to derail your healthy eating plans. By being organised and planning ahead, you can make sure to pack a healthy snack or meal so that when you're hungry, you're much more likely to keep on track.

      2. Focus on nutrient balance - make sure your meals have good quality protein and fat with carbohydrates in the form of vegetables. This delivers better energy and fat loss results by giving the body what it needs, like quick and longer-digesting nutrients so you feel satiated for longer. 

      3. Practice intermittent fasting - for maximum effect try fasting for 16 hours at least two days per week, leaving an eight hour window for eating (ie skipping breakfast or dinner). This extends the time your body has for detoxification and autophagy. It also changes hormone levels to facilitate weight loss - insulin levels lower and growth hormone levels increase, which increases the release of fat burning hormones.

Struggling to drop those extra kilos?

Click here to download our free guide on weight loss to discover our top tips on losing weight and keeping it off naturally.

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