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If you’ve ever tried to buy organic ingredients or healthy cooking alternatives you’ll know what a struggle it can be to not only find what you’re after, but to find it at a decent price. 
You wander from aisle to aisle, shop to shop, in search of that one elusive ingredient. By the time you finally find what you’re after, you’ve wasted half an hour and ended up paying an arm and a leg.
If you live in the Hunter, there is an alternative – The Healthful Pantry. It’s a local bulk food buying group that sources organic and natural foods to save members time and money. The products are less than retail stores due to the power of buying the goods in bulk - they pass the savings on to you directly. 
If you live elsewhere, The Healthful Pantry can deliver your order to you at home or work - the immense savings you will enjoy in their prices are well worth the cost of delivery.
We spoke to one of the organisers Sonia van Huisstede about how The Healthful Pantry works and what benefits it offers its members.
What is Healthful Pantry?
The Healthful Pantry helps people in Newcastle to purchase organic wholefoods and natural products at affordable prices though becoming members of a co-operative. We are not a shop-front but work from a warehouse in Warners Bay.
How does it work?
All goods are offered first and then brought in on a pre-sold basis, which means we only order what we need and generally goods are not kept on shelves. This keeps goods fresh as they are straight from the wholesalers. We are now ordering every 4 weeks - this ensures you have a regular and reliable service of wonderful organic whole foods & natural home and personal care products picked and packed for you to collect or for delivery to you.

What was the genesis of the Healthful Pantry?
It all started 5 years ago when a few families from Newcastle decided to source organic and natural food products in bulk from one organic supplier and divide it amongst themselves.This not only saved money but provided much fresher organic and natural food, plus they enjoyed the experience of working together. I became a part of The Healthful Pantry in the very early days and took over when it outgrew my friend’s home. We have since grown significantly and now have our own warehouse in Warners Bay - 1/8 Walker Street. This has allowed us to offer many more products than ever before.

What do you love about the business?
I personally love how we help out so many families with organic and natural goodness at affordable prices and how we help bring the community together.

How can new members sign up? 
Anyone can join our members mailing list by asking via our website

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