Is milk for you?

Milk – we’re taught it’s the best source of calcium and essential for bone development. But milk may not be as good for your health as you might think.

A lot of our clients are initially quite shocked when we recommend they cut dairy out of their diet.

We do this for two reasons – firstly to determine whether or not they have an intolerance to dairy, but also because milk isn’t all that nutritious for humans.

I have a few problems with milk as a main staple in our diets today:

  1. Milk contains lactose (sugar) – In order to break down the lactose in milk, humans need to produce the enzyme lactase. Humans are born with a high amount of lactase, but as we age, the production of lactase decreases. This explains why as you get older, you may develop an intolerance to lactose leading to symptoms like bloating, wind, diarrhoea and IBS.
  2. Milk contains the proteins casein and whey, which can also be difficult for some people to digest. These people can develop an intolerance or even an allergy to milk which can lead to symptoms like asthma and eczema.
  3. Milk is full of hormones. This fact is often forgotten, but milk is designed to help fatten and grow baby cows and as a result, contains cow oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and growth hormone, all of which can wreak havoc with our own hormone levels. Maybe this is why our kids are taller now than they were 50 years ago?

So what should you drink if not milk?

There are so many alternatives out there, including soy, oat, rice and almond milk, but whatever you choose, be careful to check the sugar content.

I personally prefer unsweetened almond milk which is now widely available in the UHT milk section of most supermarkets.

Which type of milk do you prefer?

Yours in health,


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