Natural Fertility Information Session

Date: 30/04/2019

Time: 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM

Location: Mullen Natural Health Centre

Naturopath: Amanda Trieger

Phone Booking: 02 4961 4075

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Many more women these days suffer from infertility, having difficulty falling pregnant or staying pregnant                                                                                                                                                        

The good news is that natural fertility treatments can help!

At our information session you will learn…

Why fertility and falling pregnant has become so much more difficult these days with many blaming the toxins in our modern world

What tests and assessments will give you the best picture of where your fertility is up to

How to increase your fertility naturally and ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby, following the ideal diet, lifestyle and natural medicines

What supplements you should be taking to increase fertility

What the best foods to increase fertility and what foods you should be avoiding

How having a preconception care plan can make all the difference in falling pregnant naturally

How combining natural fertility management if you are all ready doing IVF has been shown to result in a much higher success rate in falling pregnant

Find support, encouragement and reassurance as you navigate your journey to becoming parents!

This is a free event but seats are limited so make sure you get in early. 


  • An information kit will be sent out after the event so be sure to list an email address for each attendee
  • The duration of the talk will be approximately 2 hours
  • Bring along a notebook and pen to take notes
  • Bring along a jacket and bottle of water so you are comfortable throughout the talk

If the event is sold out online or you are having trouble booking, please call reception on (02) 4961 4075.

Be Well Naturally

Naturopathy is unique in that we take a holistic approach, at Mullen Health we specialise in determining the underlying causes not just treating the symptoms. And importantly what you need to be doing to not only become well but stay well. Remembering that prevention when it comes to health is so much more powerful than cure.

Mullen Natural Health Event - Natural Fertility Information Session
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