Natural Remedies for Kids Health Information session

Date: 26/03/2019

Time: 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Location: Charlestown Multi Purpose Centre

Naturopath: Peter Mullen

Phone Booking: 02 4961 4075

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“I think my kids eat a healthy diet, but they always seem to be getting sick? I don’t remember being sick this often when I was a kid”

Come along to our talk this March and learn about:

- Understanding why our kids' health is changing and what you can do about it

- The 6 underlying causes of poor health in our kids

- Understanding the gut-immune-brain connection and how it impacts your kids

- Gain a better understanding of why your child may be having learning or behavioural trouble at school  

- Learn how to recognise if your child has food intolerances and/or allergies

- Find out which foods to avoid to improve your child's health

- Learn my top 6 natural remedies for common childhood conditions like eczema, anxiety, gut problems like leaky gut and much more.

- Learn my top 6 healthy food swaps as well as lifestyle tips to start to see healthy changes in your kids straight away


Learn all of this and more at our information session with leading Naturopath Peter Mullen. 

Cost: No charge

Limited seats are available so make sure you get in early. 


  • An information kit will be sent out after the event so be sure to list an email address for each attendee
  • The duration of the talk will be approximately 2 hours
  • Bring along a notebook and pen to take notes
  • Bring along a jacket and bottle of water so you are comfortable throughout the talk

If the event is sold out online or you are having trouble booking, please call reception on (02) 4961 4075.


Mullen Natural Health Event - Natural Remedies for Kids Health Information session
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