David Marston

David Marston - Naturopath Newcastle

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist 


  • Thyroid Conditions, Hashimotos , Graves, Thyroiditis.             
  • Cancer: Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Gut Health, IBS, IBD, Chron's, Coeliac disease                                                                               
  • Mens Health
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Autoimmune Disorders

Regarded as one of Newcastle’s best Naturopaths, David Marston has 20 years experience in supporting and treating a vast range of acute and chronic conditions naturally. He has a special interest in helping people recover from thyroid conditions and supporting patients naturally through cancer treatment. 

David takes a holistic approach to health — as well as utilising his knowledge of Naturopathy, clinical nutrition and herbal medicine, he works effectively alongside other healthcare professionals to get the best possible outcomes for his patients.

As a Naturopath, David firmly believes the gut is the 'second brain' and is the best place to start in treating a wide range of health complaints — from Irritable Bowel Syndrome through to thyroid disorders. 

In addition to Naturopathy, David has qualifications in clinical nutrition, myorthics, Australian bush flower essences and integrated iridology. He is also one of the few qualified Frequency Specific Microcurrent Practitioners in Australia.

David is a passionate advocate for natural health and seeks out the latest research to ensure his patients get the best possible treatment for their condition.  

Naturopathy isn’t just a profession for David, it’s what he loves and how he lives his life.


Fast facts:

  • Favourite cuisine?

Northern Indian.

  • Best health tip?

Drink a glass of lemon juice and warm water first thing in the morning. Add a pinch of sea salt to your water bottle for alkalizing.

  • Favourite exercise?

Resistance cardio.

  • Favourite supplement?

Green smoothies using Fibroplex Plus, Thermo Phase Detox and Phytoessentials.

Kind words from David's Clients

"David is an exceptional Naturapath with a wonderful bedside manner and wealth of knowledge. He is truly genuine and cares very much for his clients wellbeing. I have reccomebded David on many occasions to many people as he has made a huge impression in my life and wellbeing. "(Anonymous)

" David had no idea he would be practisicing psychiatry when he took me on and I belive its been an uphill battle for him. But thanks to him I still don't have cancer and i'm not in a mental asylum. Many thanks David, the fight goes on but I hopw you are winning. " (Ailsa)

" I made an appointment about 2 years ago to see David about concerns I had after having my gallbladder removed. I was struggling with weight gain and gut problems. He has put my life back on track even though I am still a work in progress. David keeps me on track with my weight and healthy life style. The staff at Mullens health are wonderful." (Lynn)

" When I was introduced to Mullen Health 2 years ago I was really struggling. I had been through several health care practitioners and was still not getting any better. On meeting David I immediately felt at ease and over the last 2 years I have felt so comfortable and confident having him help me on my health journey. Words can’t explain what a relief it was to know he was there. I’m happy to say with the tools and advice he’s provided, I’m feeling better than ever. A review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the lovely staff at the front desk. Each one of them is so kind, patient & understanding and nothing is ever too much trouble. The delicious tea on arrival is amazing too. Thanks so much to the whole team at Mullen Health! I’d highly recommend them." (Kim)

"  Getting to the real issues is impressing me. Looking forward to an improved health outcome! Thank you David." (Julie)

" I came to Mullen Health 4 years ago for my problem gut and was amazed at how well I felt after following their advice. I'm seeing David now for a checkup and reset and am really impressed with the knowledge and advice given. The girls at reception are lovely and always do their best to answer questions and help when needed. I would recommend Mullen Health to anyone who cares about the health of their body." ( Judy)

" After suffering with IBS for over 25 years with little suggestions or help from doctors I sought assistance from David Marston at Mullen Natural Health Centre. David has treated me with compassion and understanding and with the therapies he has devised for me I am well on my way to improved gut health. My pain has subsided and energy levels have mostly returned. I would recommend giving David a call should you need help with regaining your health and also life back" (Fiona)

"  I needed to get my health & vitality back on track so decided to see David at Mullen health in January. It was a great move and I am already feeling much better. I would recommend Mullen health to anyone who wants to feel better and be healthy." (Raylene)

"  have been seeing David for about a month now and I am losing weight and feeling a lot better than when first came in see him. Thank you David I am looking forward to a lot more weight loss and feeling like a brand new me 😊😊😊😊😊👍" (Margo)

"  Can’t express enough praise for David Marston and all the staff at Mullen Natural Health. Making big life changes everyday!" (Catherine)

 " I started going to Mullen Health in December 2017 in order to get to the root cause of my thyroid and hormone imbalance issues. David Marston (and all of the staff) have been extremely understanding and compassionate with me and while it’s early days, I’m feeling very positive about this journey. My only reason for not giving five stars is that it has stretched my finances more than I expected, but I’m sure this will taper off once I don’t need to take so many supplements." (Jenni)

" I have been coming to Mullen Health for many years now (sure beats seeing a GP) and I mainly visit for health maintenance and well being now . David has helped me get through many issues, firstly for immune system and stress which I was so relieved to finally see results to fix ongoing issues. All the staff at Mullen Health couldn't be more helpful and always greet with a kind smile. Highly recommend Mullen Health." (Susan)

Been seeing David about my many issues with cholesterol, and polymyalgia which the drugs I am prescribed caused me to become type 2 diabetic, I have since been able to get off 2 of the drugs I was on and my blood sugars are back to near normal. Not cured yet but healthier than I was when on the drugs. (Chris)

"I went to many doctors and practioners before going to mullen health. I have been seeing david for my thyroid and it has now returned to total balance. Whats good about him is that he looks at the entire package of you. This is good because drs couldnt diagnose me or anything because there was a lot of different things wrong with me. He broke it down and is helping me on my way." (Lurline)

"I saw a naturopath for the first time this year I wished I had done it sooner I see David Marston he is amazing friendly great advice supportive to goals and wellbeing I was worried about coming and he made it all worthwhile by providing me the best solution to what I needed to help me feel back on top. Love my boosts with him and gaining the results we set out to achieve with his support." (Belinda)

" Excellent!! Excellent!! Excellent!!! no other words can explain David’s treatment he is caring articulate & spot on with his diagnosis and I have never felt so good in such a long time, from someone who would flag by afternoon & have to have a sleep to now waking up at 5am & powering through my workday which is pretty full on & can be strenuous & then coming home at 5pm & continuing with housework, cooking dinner etc & still feeling amazing & at 68 I feel reborn & it’s all up to David!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!" (anonymous)

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