Kate Williams

Kate Williams - Naturopath Newcastle

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist 

Specialises in: 

  • Weight loss
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Thyroid
  • Culturing and fermenting
  • GAPS

Kate Williams is a qualified Naturopath specialising in digestive health, weight loss and blood sugar problems, including insulin resistance and diabetes. She has been practicing naturopathy for 10years (three of which have been with us) and is also one of the only qualified Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) practitioners in the Hunter region.

Kate is a strong believer in the connection between the immune system, the brain and the digestive system. She is passionate about supporting her clients through the wide range of conditions caused by GAPS, including digestive issues, allergies, auto-immune conditions, depression, learning difficulties and many other chronic health conditions.

As well as studying a degree in Naturopathy, Kate has further qualifications in nutrition, herbal medicine, integrative iridology and hemaview live blood screening, and is also a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

Kate is enthusiastic about giving her patients the support and education they need to empower them to take a proactive approach to their own health. She is our fermenting guru and runs regular workshops teaching conscious eating, culturing and fermentation. 

Fast Facts

Best health tip?

Eat a healthy diet that is high in antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables and do at least a little exercise every day.

Favourite exercise?

Swimming laps at the ocean baths and my outdoor fitness group sessions.

Favourite supplement?

Fibroplex Plus Magnesium for the nervous system and energy.

When I’m not at work?

Spending time with my 3 girls and 2 grandchildren. 

Kate's shared a few of her favourite healthy recipes for you to try too! Click here to try one of Kate's favourite dishes.


Kind words from Kate's clients

"Kate is very knowledgable and thorough and I'm excited to see if this could help me solve my current health issues (at long last!)" (AL, Fletcher)


"I searched 'Newcastle Naturopathy' into Google and Mullen NHC was the first result to come up. Obviously, this means they are popular and after attending my initial consultation today I completely understand why this is the case! I was greeted with a TummyCare herbal tea upon arrival and waited only 10 minutes before being called in. Kate Williams was very professional and obviously has a deep knowledge of the body and it's functions and I found her testing and advice incredibly helpful. I will most certainly be going back and would happily recommend the health centre to anyone and everyone! "(CB, Callaghan)


"I had the pleasure of having a Natropath appointment with Kate. She is a great practitioner. She is understanding of my busy schedule and does not complicate my healthcare. She has designed a plan for me and explained it thoroughly, and has kept it simple as not to over complicate my already busy life. She pays particular attention to women's needs and provided my almost 2 year old with some entertainment during my visit. I would highly recommend Kate as a practitioner and I have already let many of my friends now just how much Kate can help them." (Anonymous)


"After years of losing faith in conventional medicine and being sick of getting pumped full of pharmaceuticals I finally decided enough was enough and I needed to see a Naturopath. I just came back from meeting Kate Williams for the first time and she was very helpful. I learned a lot of new things that made total sense to what I have been experiencing with my health over many years of feeling like crap. A great experience that many GP's should learn from. I feel positive and look forward to returning to continue receiving support from the team at Mullen Health." (CT, Adamstown)


"Kate is Amazing…! So incredibly knowledgeable, understanding & supportive…! My only wish is that I was seeing her years ago…!!!" (Anonymous)


"Best thing I have done for my health was to see Kate Williams, she has been wonderful in turning my life around. I have had autoimmune diseases for the best part of 18 years, treated with a cocktail of toxic drugs, after only three months of seeing Kate I am drug free, treated with diet and functional treatment,I feel better than I have in 20 years. All of the staff are awesome, can't help enough." (Deb)

" I found a visit with Natropath Kate Williams to be quite benefitial and the Lovely staff to be most helpful" (Ange)

"  I have been following a program for gut health and energy provided by Kate Williams and can see a big improvement already. Kate and the team are so lovely and knowledgeable. The waiting room environment is calm and relaxing and the cup of complimentary herbal tea is always refreshing. I would definitely recommend seeing Kate at Mullens Health Center" (Sherri)

" Kate at Mullen Heath has absolutely changed my life. I have been working with her for about 9 months now on my multiple sclerosis and the difference is profound. She has educated me on my health, helped me change my diet, helped me get off all my medications and get control of my life again. I will be forever grateful for my experience working with her and working on my health and cannot recommend her and the Mullen Health team enough" (kate)

" I have been seeing Kate for about 8 months. She is a very compassionate person who really takes the time to listen and who is providing me with much needed support back to better health. I look forward to and enjoy my appointments with Kate and am really noticing an improvement with the issues she is helping me with I highly recommend her" (Maria)

" I have been seeing Kate lately for help with my gut health and a few other issues, I was so overwhelmed with the treatment and diagnosis I have received and feel very happy Kate has got me on on track and feeling so much better already. In between appointments I receive emails and support from Kate and the team from Mullen health.
It's a very warm friendly atmosphere i would most definitely recommend Mullen health to anyone" (Nic)

"I can't quite express how grateful I am for Kates genuine care, concern & on going support.. she has equipped me with so many resources & tools to assist me through my treatment journey, making it far easy to follow/implement. I'm very happy with the results we've achieved so far (particularly regarding anxiety) & I have no doubt things will continue to improve in the coming weeks/months.

Kate has been great - has asked lots of questions to work out what is going on with my body and my mind and it is obvious that she does not have fixed preconceptions but is able to be flexible in working out what might work. She has given me clear information about the direction we are moving in. For the first time in a long time I feel positive about improving my health (even if the supplements are not the most pleasant tasting ) (Theresa)

"Kate is very knowledgeable. I hadn’t been to a naturapath previously and I finally felt like my concerns were being heard and addressed instead of being told ‘it must be a virus’. The follow up communication is fantastic and to be able to ask questions and query about any concerns is refreshing." (Ebony)

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