Creamy Coconut Vanilla Rice Pudding


  1. 60g Rapadura
  2. 1 whole vanilla bean, snipped in pieces
  3. 200g arborio rice (or 250g if you like it thicker)
  4. 400g organic coconut cream (use organic so you don't get all the nasty additives)
  5. 600g water


  1. In your Thermomix, grind up the Rapadura and vanilla bean for 1 minute on speed 9.
  2. Scrape down lid and sides and add remaining ingredients. Cook for 20 minutes at 90 degrees, reverse, speed 1 1/2.
  3. The rice pudding will still be quite runny - don't worry, it thickens after a few minutes. You can pour it straight into a serving dish (a Thermoserver is ideal) and leave it for 5 minutes before serving, and it will be perfect.

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