* Goodaye, I've been helped by Peter for a long time and I am now retired but I started when I was having irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) problems. Of course this will seem personal, but what is NOT personal about your health! After some help in both analysis of urine etc a blood test or two (including a live blood test) and mineral supplementation, I find myself feeling heaps better. So I got my beautiful wife to come in and the rest is history. I have my IBS under control, I have more energy and I still have regular checks with this wonderful man and all of his staff. You become part of the Mullen Health family and enjoy life more. Some of my friends have said things like "oh what a waste of time, why not just take a good vitamin pill daily, exercise, it'll do the same thing?" Well I tried their advice for a while and guess what my symptoms returned, and so did I to Mullen Health. The amazing changes have been - clearer skin; no tummy bloating if I behave myself; advice on stress levels shown via him looking deeply into my eyes & saying OK this is showing etc through his Iridology expertise; general health via blood pressure and pulse checking AND keeping records to encourage or "chastise" when I've obviously been naughty. Anyway we are very happy with our care we get from Mullen Health.


* Results may vary from person to person.

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