* Peter was an integral part of my son's life for a few years while getting his immune system operating to its optimum. Before seeing Peter my son was having episodes where he had up to one week off school and would lay on the lounge with no energy. Seeing Peter gave him every opportunity to reach his potential in all areas. His health is the best it has been in two years, his confidence has improved and he has done extremely well with his results in Year 12 and has now gone on to university. Peter was a mentor to my son. He enjoyed his regular visits to Peter and felt valued by him. With Peter's help my son was able to gain some insight into his own health and well-being and knows that he still needs to look after himself. He is aware of his body's limits and makes decisions accordingly. Thank you Peter for your wonderful work and commitment to my son. 

BP (Leichardt)

* Results may vary from person to person.

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