* I attended a talk last night on Managing stress & Adrenal fatigue naturally by Peter Mullen, it was fantastic! As a 22 year old i found the session very informative and easy to follow as I had little knowledge on the topic. I was also able to receive a free Iridology check at the end of the session which was an amazing experience to see just how well David (Naturopath) was able to determine the current state of my health and my emotional and behavioral triggers all from my eye colour and patterns. Extremely fascinating! I am looking forward to making an appointment with Mullen Health Care Centre to try and improve my health and stop my unhealthy habits with a Centre that genuinely seems to care and are excited to see improvements in their clients. It also has helped me financially to make my first appointment by receiving $30 off for attending last nights free session.


* Results may vary from person to person.

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