* I want to thank Peter and the team at Mullen Health for all the fabulous support over the health habits challenge. 
It has definitely reset my eating habits (which were a bit off track before hand )and set me on my way again for the future.
My biggest challenge was planning meals for for my family that are shift workers and sitting down together at least twice a week to eat together when possible.
With the choices and support with recipes on the plan we all found a meal that we all enjoyed together and they could take with them to work.
Brown lentils with zucchini noodles was a hit and so easy to put together and the home made hummus with Almond meal pikelets topped with tomato ,red onion,fresh basil and olive oil was a good snack .
I found the juicing ðŸ¥’🥕🍏🍋was a challenge but managed it with some vegetable soup ,and my portion sizes have reduced.
I am feeling great and are ready to continue this journey with keeping up the exercise I enjoy ðŸŠ‍♀️ and having more time for just me !! *

* Results may vary from person to person.

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